“Recently I have come across some Outlook MSG files. I know that these files can be read and open in Microsoft Outlook application. But, I don’t have Outlook installed on my computer machine. So, I want to export MSG files into PDF format and print them. Thus I will be capableto read those files without MS Outlook, but I don’t know how to export multiple MSG files to PDF format. Can anyone advice me an amazing and simple method to batch export MSG files to PDF file format?”

Why it is Needed to Export MSG File to PDF File?

  • MSG file format is not safe that can be opened by any text editor. While PDF document provides a password safety feature that is suitable to keep important data.
  • It is an independent file format that can simply accessible in any OS machine, tablet, mobile etc. While MSG file needs MS Outlook to open MSG files in their machine.
  • A PDF document is widely used for backup so that anyone can easily print their needed files that are not possible with MSG file.
  • PDF is the best and secure file format that is utilized by most of the users and companies to share private & official papers.

How to Export Multiple MSG Files to PDF? – The Simple Process

To resolve the above-mentioned problem, here you can try one  of the smart and outstanding MSG to PDF Converter Tool that perfectly help out to solve the query of how to export multiple MSG files to PDF format along with attachments and all other items. With this professional tool, users can export multiple MSG files to PDF format in a single round without losing a single bit of information. It also offers multiple filenaming options through which you can choose the desired naming option. The tool helps user to understand all exported files as it can keep the structure of files along with their attachments. Overall, it is an amazing and clear-cut process for users to export MSG files to PDF document without any changes. Now, let’s go to follow the simplest working steps to export multiple MSG files to PDF file format:

  1. Firstly, download, install and runMSGtoPDFConverter on Windows OS
  2. Open it and export Outlook MSG file using dual smart options i.e.Add MSG File or Add Folder having MSG File
  3. Now, press on “Use Original File Name” and opt any one File Naming Opting from the various. And, move to take the benefit of advance options of Save Attachments if needed
  4. After that, hit on the Convert Messages to PDF tab and choose the Location to save output data and hit Save
  5. Finally, the MSG to PDF Conversiontask starts and completed with the successful message on the system displayi.e. Completed

Why Use MSG to PDF Converter?

  • Direct way to export MSG files to PDF with attachments.
  • Allows user to batch export MSG files to PDF format at once in few minutes.
  • Installation of any another application is not needed.
  • Easily utilized by both technical and home users without technical information.
  • No file size limitations, you can easily export multiple MSG files at a time.
  • Supports all editions of Windows OS and MS Outlook.

Final Lines

As discussed above, it is clear that there is no free manual method to export MSG files to PDF format. It is suggested to use smart MSG to PDF Converter Program that allows user to batch export MSG file to PDF format along with attachments without any efforts. Still, if you are in problem or doubt then download free demo edition and export 1 MSG file from each folder without any cost. Go with demo version and check out its efficiency or working process.

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